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    About me

    Nadija Govinda, website author

    By the mercy and guidance of my teachers, I came to the star path.

    Fifteen years ago I graduated from the Sri Jagannatha school of my Jyotish teacher Zoran Radosavljevic, which is run under the patronage of great Jyotish master – Sanjay Rath. The knowledge of Mayan Calendar came through the course of Srdjan Dosen, from Belgrade.

    I practice Western Astrology, working with clients, over twenty-five years, both solo and with an assistance of my dear friend Madame Piano a.k.a. Nija Nedeljkovic.

    I am immensely grateful to all mentioned teachers who inspired my soul to set off the path of this precious knowledge of planets, stars and constellations.

    Jyotish is a part of the ancient Vedas, and as such it represents the eyes on the “body” of Vedas which are opened by Jyotish masters for qualified persons to see the real path. In the same way, the spirit soul is part of the material body which is also a creation of the Divine, and as such it is full of knowledge and full of bliss, it only has to recall this fact.

    Jyotish, Western Astrology, Mayan Horoscope and Numerology are astrological channels through which messages of the gods and karmic codes are streaming.

    Let my service, illuminated by knowledge of stars, brighten the path of the seekers and may divine grace help them to find their right way and the purpose of life.