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Jyotish is a part of the ancient VEDAS and it represents the Eyes on the “body” of the Vedas. Jyotish means light. Through the light of Jyotish knowledge it is possible to illuminate the path of the spiritual Soul entangled in this world of illusion. Through a detailed Jyotish reading You can get deeper insights regarding karma, as well as astro healing through Vedic Yagia or a certain Puja and other Vedic rituals.

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1. JANMA KUNDALI – Natal Jyotish chart in detail.

2. TITHI PRAVESHA – Solar year horoscope.

3. PRASHNA – The answer to a specific question.

4. MUHURTA – Choosing the best moments to start something important.

5. KUTHA – The Compatibility between two persons.


  • Regular Jyotish consultation – Janma Kundali – with detailed predictions for 2 years:

    70 70min
  • Jyotish + Western Natal + Mayan Horoscope:

  • For 2 consultations of Jyotish + Western Natal: €80 + Mayan Horoscope as a gift 🎁:


For all other consultations and informations, feel free to contact me.


Note: I wish to serve you as per your request. No further marketing will be done.