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Mayan Astrology

Mayan Astrology

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Ancient Mayan Calendar consists of 13 Lunas – TZOLKIN is composed of 20 signs and 13 Galactic numbers called Lunas. By interpreting the Path of the Soul through the ancient Mayan Horoscope you can learn about the choices of Your Soul in this lifetime and the path of the soul it has chosen to go through, as well as a way to learn karmic lessons and overcome obstacles. I offer:

1. Basic horoscope

2. Compatibility horoscope


  • Mayan Horoscope + Jyotish + Western Natal:

  • For 2 consultations of Jyotish + Western Natal: €80 + Mayan Horoscope as a gift 🎁:


For all other consultations and informations, feel free to contact me.


Note: I wish to serve you as per your request. No further marketing will be done.