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    Vedic Numerology

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    Vastu Shastra

    Vastu means house or place where you live. Shastra means text with knowledge and instructions. By Vastu knowledge we can arrange the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether and live in Complete Harmony with nature. Sometimes furniture is wrongly placed and space is not taken into consideration, but with Vastu Shastra, we can harmonize all those things. If you want to have happy life and home, Vastu has many solutions for that.

    Regarding consultations, feel free to contact me.

    Vastu in space

    Vastu purusha according to sides of the world.

    Vedic Homa (Yajna)

    This is sacred fire (Agni) sacrifice or ritual performed on special occasions by a specific hindu devotee priest at home or in a priest house. It is a traditional Vedic ritual through which the priest offers specific mantras and offerings such as grains, refined butter (ghee), flowers and the like through all the elements to the supreme God and thus purifies the karma of the person for whom it is intended and thus receives the greatest benefit.

    Vedic yajnas are recommended through Jyotish consultations as the most powerful means of resolving severe karmic influences and inconveniences.

    This Vedic priestly ritual can help in the astro-healing process and invoke divine mercy and blessings in those “damaged” fields of life.

    I can help you order and schedule a Vedic yajna in the holy place of Vrindavan with a qualified Vedic priest (brahmana), in India.

    Yajna stala

    Sacrificial fire in preparation.


    I'm often speaking publicaly on topics from Vedic knowledge, Astrology, travelogues on the holy places of India, the protection of cows and animals and such.

    You are most welcome to contact me about that.

    Giving lecture

    Giving lecture in Belgrade.


    I'm organizing guided trips to holy places of pilgrimage in India.

    Hindu temple

    Temple of Sri Jagannatha in Puri.


    * I wish to serve you as per your request. No further marketing will be done via e-mail.